Thursday, August 12, 2010

Every Day Gifts

I had my 1 month Dr visit since my foot surgery and the stitches are out! The ulcer is completely healed! Gone! I have been dealing with it for the last 6 months.
I still have to wear the cast for another 4 weeks but able to take it off at night...and...I got to take a shower too!!  Every day gifts I took for granted! As for my Vintage Gatherings website, I have been taking more pics of items for sale. (OMG there's so much LOL ) 

 I have been redoing some sweet vintage dolly patterns I got from an estate sale some time ago. Having "Time" is a gift since I have received since I sold my last business. Time to get healthy, time to spend with family, our 4 legged babies, friends,  gardening, time start new ventures.

I did get out and took some pics from my backyard too

                                                                  Lots of weeding to do!!!
                                                      Soooo many tomatoes this year
    My Lamb's ear may not be getting enough sun...hardly grew at all from last year.
Plants on the patio grew like crazzy!
                                            Well well...Miss Sneaky herself posing for a pic!
                                       Mr. Jingles all laid out from a busy day catching mice!

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