Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vintage Gatherings - Grand Opening September 1, 2010

Our First Newsletter:
I am happy to have you as a part of this new venture for me and my sister Rosalie. She has worked for months now on the Vintage Gatherings web site, doing all the admin and editing. Hours and hours between us have been spent on the phone, day in and day out!
Thanks Sis! You are my Angel!

 "Pattern Packs Plus"

These Pattern Packs consist of new designer patterns at a great price (under retail) PLUS some handpicked supplies to complete the package. Fun patterns and a great "Bundle" of Savings! There is only ONE available of each pictured and I expect them to sell quickly!

September's Special: Black Scotty Dog ePattern

Free ePattern for orders $25.00

VP 2463 Glamourous Rag Doll Quality photo-copy of original pattern for
15" Cloth Doll with embroidered face.

Dress with ruffles, Slip and Pantie, and shoes made from dark fabric or old kid gloves.
Sale Price $5.50

PLUS a Special on Sawdust!!
 Quality Sawdust for Stuffing is used to stuff prim/vintage dolls, pincushions & sawdust pillows.
The sawdust gives it authentic feeling you'll just love!

We are now offering Vintage Magazine's and Book's.

These Vintage Magazines are full of interesting Doll Making
and Doll Collecting Articals. Most Include patterns!
There is so much more than listed in the Magazines.   Contact:
New Home of "Patterns from the Past" Doll Patterns, Vintage Gatherings Graphics CD's
 Elizabeth Bishop Boidoir Doll Patterns & Sue Sizemore Designs Doll Patterms
Thank you for reading our newsletter!
Fran Banas & Rosalie Waitkus

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today's Free Vintage Graphic

Today's free graphic is from the Vintage Gatherings "Antique Family Album" CD
Cute! Cute! Cute!

Every Day Gifts

I had my 1 month Dr visit since my foot surgery and the stitches are out! The ulcer is completely healed! Gone! I have been dealing with it for the last 6 months.
I still have to wear the cast for another 4 weeks but able to take it off at night...and...I got to take a shower too!!  Every day gifts I took for granted! As for my Vintage Gatherings website, I have been taking more pics of items for sale. (OMG there's so much LOL ) 

 I have been redoing some sweet vintage dolly patterns I got from an estate sale some time ago. Having "Time" is a gift since I have received since I sold my last business. Time to get healthy, time to spend with family, our 4 legged babies, friends,  gardening, time start new ventures.

I did get out and took some pics from my backyard too

                                                                  Lots of weeding to do!!!
                                                      Soooo many tomatoes this year
    My Lamb's ear may not be getting enough sun...hardly grew at all from last year.
Plants on the patio grew like crazzy!
                                            Well well...Miss Sneaky herself posing for a pic!
                                       Mr. Jingles all laid out from a busy day catching mice!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Grand Opening for to be announced SOON!!

It's been a great day!!
I have come a long way since my surgery 3 weeks ago on my foot! I actually got to go shopping with my best friend. I was even "willing ' to use my walker to go. Up till now it has made a great clothes rack : )
I also have a bit more energy and have been able to start doing photos for the many, many items I have yet to put up on the web site. 
My sister Rosalie has been working on the web site all along from her home in Florida. Thanks to her my 300+ "Patterns From the Past" are up and selling.
 "Patterns From The Past" Vintage Doll Patterns
Soooo...there's more to put up but out "Grand Opening" for Vintage Gatherings will be very soon!
Please sign up to Newsletter to be notified.

Grand Opening - Sale Items

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Free to use Vintage Graphics and two Lovely Ladies!

Occaisionally I will be posting some of my favorite collections of vintage graphics and advertisements. This is one of the graphics from my  Vintage Gatherings CD's  Right click your mouse on the picture and save it to you computer. These graphics are copyright free and fun to work with. Enjoy!

A Free Vintage Advertising Graphic
 I love this picture! Two lovely ladies, my sister Rosalie and her best friend Jackie. The vintage hats are just two of the many I have LOL
Best friends , Jackie and Rosalie wearing vintage hats
Update on my foot surgery:
I was able to get out in a wheelchair to see the DR. Saturday. He thought it all looked good and reinforced again how I am to keep it up and only put weight on it to make it to ...ummmm....the commode!! LOL
I thank God  for having the best husband in the world helping me. Mike too has just been a blessing to have with us while this foot recovers!

Friday, July 16, 2010

My very first post!

Well...It took for me to be" bedridden" after having surgery 7/14/10 to have the time to work on a blog! I have to stay off my left foot for the next 21 days. I was prepared to "walk" on the cast after surgery but to my surprise, here I lay LOL
My 14 year old  grandson Mike is here in bed next to me handsewing "a toe quilt" for my cast to cover my exposed little piggys! Mike is one of those kids who was proud he had home economics, even  recieved a 99 for his grade!
He's here to be my "Gofer" in Mike go for this and Mike go for that. Most teenage boys wouldn't want to be spending 2 weeks taking care of Meme...I'm am so grateful for him!!
My sister Rosalie had spent 5 weeks helping me here in Connecticut getting together my new website Vintage Gatherings. She's back in Florida and still working almost everyday adding items to the site.
It's been so tedious putting up several hundred patterns just from my  "Patterns From the Past"
Thanks Sis!! 

Patterns and Graphic CD's are up and selling now. So much more still has to be put up and in  a few weeks we'll announce the "Grand Opening" of Vintage Gatherings in our newsletter.
Please visit the web site VINTAGE GATHERINGS and sign up for it on the home page...there will be some specials coming up!